Analyzing Franchise Market Growth

Know the industry/market you are investing into

FRANdata has been studying the trajectory of publicly-traded franchises for more than 3 years. FRANdex tracks the performance, based on market capitalization, of 62 U.S.-based publicly-traded companies operating under and generating income through the franchise business model. All index levels are normalized to 1,000 at Q1 2006 for comparison purposes, and all remaining periods are adjusted accordingly. As McDonald’s represents over 25% of the overall market capitalization of publicly-traded franchise companies, it is excluded from the base FRANdex, but shown above as FRANdex+M.

This prospectus focuses on 2017 over-all as well as performance within the 4th Quarter of 2017.


About the Analyst


Ritwik Donde

Ritwik’s expertise as a senior research analyst has allowed him to analyze the ins and outs of the operational and financial performances of hundreds of franchise brands.



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