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FRANdata tracks some half a million franchise businesses.  We uncover insights that no one can.

Knowing your market and exactly who to target is the key to cost and time efficiencies when planning your market strategy. Streamline your marketing campaigns with the most verifiable source of franchisee information in the industry. Feel confident when implementing your nation-wide or region-based advertising campaign. Your opportunities broaden with the right contacts and insights.

The franchise industry is home to hundreds of thousands of resources and we know that this niche is key to maximizing the potential of any franchise-related market entry strategy.

Did you know?

  • FRANdata’s executive franchisor database has over 4,000 brands and 14,000 executives categorized according to 20+ job titles from CEO to Marketing Manager
  • FRANdata tracks hundreds of thousands of franchise businesses represented by more than 240,000+ franchisees
  • Armed with a team of information management professionals, we are able to maintain and update an extensive,verified list with the most franchise brands in the market today.
  • FRANdata is the only company that tracks all the new brands that enter into franchising we see 2-3 brands enter our database everyday.
  • ALSO AVAILABLE: As an add-on service, FRANdata will send emails to your chosen contacts on your behalf -simply select your audience, provide us with your email content and leave the rest to us.

Due to the complexity around the management and gathering of franchisee insights, our minimum contact list order is $1000. 

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With over 30 years experience working alongside franchisors, franchisees, lenders, and suppliers in the franchise community, FRANdata has accumulated an abundance of relationships to build your contact list strength and support growth within the industry. For more than 10+ years FRANdata has been the research partner/provider for Franchise Update’s Mega99 – multi-unit operator rankings. The Mega 99 ranking represents a list of the largest franchisees/franchisee organizations in the United States based on their collective ownership of franchised businesses.

FRANdata’s franchisee information capabilities help franchisors identify established franchisee organizations as reliable development prospects, as well as enabling the supplier community to create data-driven marketing strategies that target the franchise market.

Targeting Existing Franchisee Businesses

From unit-level contact lists to in-depth franchisee profiles we enable our clients to reach single/multi-unit franchisees from every brand in franchising. Whether existing franchisees are the best prospects for selling your units, or you are a supplier with hopes of entering the franchise market and receiving the most return on your investment, we can help you can find single-unit and multi-unit contacts from any brand, in any industry, and in any state of the US.

The most comprehensive franchise database is available to you
  • More than 450,000+ franchised unit locations in 230 industries
  • 210,000 franchisees and 44,000+ multi-unit operators
  • Food and non-food, upto 236 sectors represented
  • Use demographic and psychographic filters to target your most likely prospects.
  • Access more than 150 million adult Americans who fit your target profile
  • Search Nationwide or in your specific territories/regions.
Hand Pick Your Best Prospects

Hand Pick Your Best Prospects

Our database contains unit and headquarter addresses for franchisees from every brand and in every industry across the United States.

Our source is the franchisors’ contact lists themselves thus we are THE MOST accurate and complete source for these contact lists.

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