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  In our recent deep dive into franchise underwriting, we examined the SBA SOP  to uncover how prudent lending and franchise underwriting intersect. What stood out is the ambiguity surrounding the term “prudent lending.” The SOP mentions prudent lending but lacks a detailed definition, which can be frustrating for lenders navigating these waters.   Unpacking […]

Navigating the intricate world of franchising requires a deep understanding of market dynamics and regulatory environments, especially when expanding internationally. Comprehensive studies of the UK franchising sector and insights into UK brands venturing into the US have revealed key factors essential for success: UK Franchise Landscape The UK boasts over 1,000 franchise brands, with a […]

In the complex landscape of franchise financing, the changes in Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) has inadvertently pushed franchise eligibility out of focus for many lenders. While they are engrossed in addressing more immediate changes, lenders have adopted temporary measures. A notable strategy has been to solicit confirmation emails from franchisors, affirming that no modifications have […]

With nearly 1,900 franchisees most owning more than 1 brand (176 distinct brands represented!), the network of Dunkin’ Donuts franchise owners is as varied as it is vast.  Let’s marinate on why this number is so important — One Hundred and Seventy- Six Brands – 176.   That means that the multi-branded Dunkin franchisees have experience […]

The overall message we received was that franchise lenders have robust volume and are looking for more deals.  Below are four key questions and answers from the lender’s conference with over 450 of the most active lenders will help you understand how lenders are thinking. Q:  How loose are SBA lender’s credit boxes? A:  Deferments […]


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