What FRANdata Thinks

The National Association of Government Guaranteed Lenders (NAGGL) just had its Spring Conference and FRANdata was there gathering insight on the latest in franchise financing. What’s the buzz on the upcoming New SBA proposed rule-making coming out in the summer? SBA is taking lessons learned from the pandemic, trying not to lose the momentum it […]

At the latest Multi-Unit Franchising Conference, Darrell Johnson addressed the current state of franchise financing. Based on FRANdata analysis. Franchising is growing. The recovery after the pandemic has proven the resiliency of the franchise model and, in turn, increased lender trust in the franchising model.   According to the latest from FRANdata CEO Darrell Johnson, demand […]

FRANdata has been championing franchise lending for more than 15 years. Aside from speaking to hundreds of Franchise Registry lenders members, we also go to several lender conferences every year, updating lenders on the outlook for franchising and the soundness of the business model while getting to the pulse of franchise lending straight from the […]

The SBA Directory helps lenders check if a brand CAN obtain SBA financing, while the Franchise Registry is utilized by lenders to see if brands SHOULD obtain financing. What is the difference between the SBA Directory and the Franchise Registry? We use the umbrella term “lenders” but, in reality, a loan does not pass through […]

By Steve Mize of GCF Valuation One year later, and the small business acquisition market has changed significantly. COVID has created some complexities in small business valuation. For most, values have declined post COVID primarily due to lower revenues/cash flow. Two Questions to keep in mind: Has COVID impacted your business (positively or negatively), and […]