What FRANdata Thinks

  SBA lenders have been faced with unprecedented changes in the way they finance SBA loans.  These changes are unwelcome and, for the most part are causing significant uncertainty for both lenders and borrowers. The key takeaway for you as franchisors are to do whatever you can to help provide lenders certainty and speed because they have less […]

Inflation is a force that can significantly impact businesses, and for franchise owners, understanding its effects is crucial for long-term success. Through a comprehensive longitudinal study we , we’ve gained valuable insights into how inflation is shaping the landscape for franchisee businesses. This year’s study builds upon the foundation laid by last year’s research, providing […]

Things are getting interesting. Government programs got us through the pandemic, but now they are winding down. The next big crisis has not revealed itself, but we have plenty of significant problems to consider as franchising plans for the next few years of growth. There are two topics I would suggest franchisors focus on to […]

June 8, 2023 Federal Trade Commission Attn: Lina Khan, Chairperson 600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Suite CC–5610 (Annex C) Washington, D.C. 20580 RE:  Solicitation for Public Comments on Provisions of Franchise Agreements and Franchisor Business Practices (FTC Docket No.-2023-0026) (March 10, 2023) Dear Ms. Khan, FRANdata is grateful for the chance to present its perspective (referred […]

With 2023 planning well under way, it would be helpful to know what kind of economy we’re heading into. While it’s clear we’re heading into an uncertain 18–24 months, there are enough indicators to form some base assumptions. Will there be franchise growth in a recession? Let’s start with the consumer. In 2021, we saw […]