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Today, FRANdata Australia is the industry’s number one source for objective information and analysis. We have the business intelligence to help you make the right decision, whether you’re:

  •  A bank evaluating applications for franchise funding
  •  A quality franchise brand wanting to stand out in a crowded marketplace
  •  An emerging brand trying to determine your expansion strategy
  • A prospective franchisee trying to determine credible Australian franchise brands

Maintaining a substantial library of confidential and publicly available information enables objective and comparative analysis and reporting to be done on all aspects of the franchise sector.

Did You Know?

  • The Australian Franchise Registry now recognizes 1,066 franchise systems.
  • FRANdata confidentially and securely holds data on 225 Australian Franchise Systems
  • This data covers 28.973 Australian Franchise Units
  • More than 50 bank and non-bank lenders have completed FRANdata Australia’s Registered Franchise Lending
  • Publishes the annual Franchise Leaders magazine.



Darryn McAuliffe

Darryn, the CEO of FRANdata Australia, oversees the provision of independent reviews, accreditation, and information by reporting on franchise systems to assist various stakeholders with their key strategic decision making. Darryn has over 30 years of experience in the banking and finance sector as a CPA and veteran bank executive across business banking, risk management, and industry specialization. In the four years prior to joining FRANdata, he ran the NAB’s franchising strategy, which included the accreditation and portfolio management of major Australian franchise brands.

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