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Mastering the Future: Technology, Personalization, Workforce and Mental Health Dynamics in the Evolving Health and Wellness Landscape
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The health and wellness market continues to experience robust growth.

Business Services: Industry Trends and Technological Shifts in 2024
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The business services industry is poised for significant growth as outsourcing of human resources, marketing, accounting and payroll services, etc. has become more prevalent over the years.

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The U.S. is home to one Of the largest automotive industries in the world, and mobility is synonymous with auto or car ownership.

Food & Beverage Franchises Industry Spotlight
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The $292 billion Food & Beverage (F 8B) franchising sector that encompasses categories like the popular QSRs, full-service restaurants, baked oods, frozen desserts and retail Foods is undoubtedly at the core Of the US franchising industry.

It’s Complicated: Aligning stakeholders’ many voices

A franchise system is a huge web of businesses, owners, associations, and executives with a wide range of experiences and responsibilities. A franchisor can have a complex departmental structure, operational divisions, corporate/platform parent companies, investors (private or public), franchise affiliates, non-franchise retail affiliates, and supplier affiliates.

These Franchises Are Big-Time Earners Right Now, and They’re Fun!

If you want to find a great opportunity in franchising, it’s worth asking two questions: What categories are booming (or about to boom)? And why?

We can certainly answer the first one. At the end of each year, Entrepreneur looks across the franchising space and the world at large, and analyzes industry trends and year-over-year unit growth. Then we produce a list of franchise categories that we expect to thrive next year. You can see that full list of predictions, along with the brands inside each category, here.

Industry Spotlight: Senior Care
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As the population of seniors continues to grow along with increasing life expectancy rates and chronic disease diagnoses, so does the immense need for senior care services.

Industry Spotlight: Children Services
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There are more than 166 active franchise brands in the children services industry, representing more than 10,100 units across the United States.

Want to Own Many Businesses? These Are the Best 150 Franchises for Multi-Unit Owners

If you want to understand the franchise industry today, this stat is a great place to start: More than half of all franchise units operating in the U.S. last year — to be exact, 53.2% of those units — were owned by multi-unit owners. That’s according to franchise research and advisory firm FRANdata.