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Trump Administration Proposes New Type of Apprenticeship

Wall Street Journal: “The traditional programs detailed requirements to follow step-by-step for learning a trade. The idea behind the administration’s proposal is that if business groups run programs they can more quickly tweak them to meet individual employers’ needs.

“This new approach should open up that model and allow IFA or another body to formalize training of these foundational skills, and provide workers a credential that they can build upon,” Mr. Johnson said.

Expanding Internationally? Avoid These All-Too-Common Gaffes

When the topic of international development comes up during strategic planning sessions, many franchisors are quick to dismiss the opportunity, citing costs or potential untapped white space in the U.S. market. Such lack of clarity can be a serious problem ‘for franchisors embarking on a rapid growth plan, often resulting in mistakes that can put the franchise at risk.

How Burn Boot Camp Is Building A Fitness Culture On The Backs Of Women

Back in the spring of 2012, less than two years after being cut from minor league baseball—his dream of pitching in the majors all but forgotten—Devan Kline, now 30, stood in a parking lot in Huntersville, North Carolina, with music blaring from his parked Dodge Challenger and led a small crowd of women through a rigorous workout regimen of his own design. It was the birth of his women-centric gym, Burn Boot Camp, founded with his childhood sweetheart, lifeline and now wife, Morgan.

The couple couldn’t afford proper gym space and used fences for wall sits, a cement ledge for tricep dips and a grassy hill nearby for bear crawls. “They believed in him,” says Morgan Kline, 30, the company’s COO and co-owner. “They tried us out, and they stuck with it. There are several women that are clients of ours today that started out with Devan in the parking lot.”

Will Franchise Leaders Embrace a New Future State Of Franchising?

A relatively misunderstood business model, with a paucity of academic support, franchising is on the precipice of history.  Defined by the Federal Trade Commission as an ongoing commercial relationship that includes a license to a brand, payment of a modest fee and the existence of significant control or support, the average consumer knows it as Subway, McDonald’s or Anytime Fitness.

The Unstoppable Business Sector Beating the S&P 500

The S&P 500 which has historically returned 7-10% annually is being consistently outperformed by the FRANdex, which tracks the performance of 62 U.S.- based publicly-traded franchise companies. Here are 5 franchise stocks to watch in 2018.

2018 Mega 99 Rankings

Each year we work with FRANdata to compile a list of the country’s largest multi-unit franchisee organizations. Based on total unit count, the rankings show not only the number of units these “mega” franchisees operate, but also their brands.

Cracking the US Market: 4 Lessons

International concepts looking to break into the US market should engage the right partners and franchise experts.

Should We Rethink ‘Location’?

Location, location, location. Once location was king. But industry ‘disruptors’ and online business have been gamechangers, says Darrell Johnson CFE, CEO of FRANdata.

Business Is Booming for Senior Care Franchise

“We have seen explosive growth in the home care and senior care market, largely driven by franchise brands and franchisees seeking to capitalize on the aging U.S. population,” says John Reynolds, president of the International Franchise Association’s Franchise Education & Research Foundation. FRANdata states there are about 90 senior care franchise brands with more than 6,200 franchises across the United States. The average age of these brands is 8 to 9 years old.