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Lenders Navigate New Vetting Landscape Without Franchise Directory
Franchise Times

The past year was an adjustment period for lenders, as they’ve had to vet the eligibility of franchise brands without the help of the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Franchise Directory.

A Spotlight on the Lodging Industry
Franchising World

The lodging industry’s substantial growth in 2023 reflects its resilient rebound from the challenges posed by the pandemic in 2020 and 2021.

Home Service Franchise Industry Outlook For 2024
Franchising World

As the housing sector witnessed unprecedented growth during the pandemic, the franchised home services industry emerged as a pivotal player, catering to the diverse needs of homeowners.

New Brands Rising – Conditions converge to grow the number of brands
Franchise Update Magazine

In 2022, the industry saw a huge jump in the number of brands entering franchising to 414 brands with 2023 looking to finish at a similarly high number.

Grow the Thoughtful Way
Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine

One of the trends of the past few years has been growth through acquisition. Discerning the right acquisition target is a pivotal step for PE groups, platform companies, and multi-unit franchisees eyeing expansion and diversification.

2024 Mega 99: Rising Trends in Multi-Unit Franchising

With more than 420,000 franchised units owned by 234,000 franchisees in the system, multi-unit operators (MUOs) are shaping franchising’s future. Notably, MUOs in the U.S. control more than 50% of all franchised units, marking a substantial shift in the franchising paradigm.

Mastering the Future: Technology, Personalization, Workforce and Mental Health Dynamics in the Evolving Health and Wellness Landscape
Franchising World Magazine

The health and wellness market continues to experience robust growth.

Business Services: Industry Trends and Technological Shifts in 2024
Franchising World

The business services industry is poised for significant growth as outsourcing of human resources, marketing, accounting and payroll services, etc. has become more prevalent over the years.

Franchising World Magazine

The U.S. is home to one Of the largest automotive industries in the world, and mobility is synonymous with auto or car ownership.