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Franchise data is a crucial asset for businesses aiming to broaden their reach and engage with potential customers in franchising. This data, especially valuable for marketers, salespeople, and researchers, consists of a verified data set that can significantly boost outreach and analytical efforts.

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From unit-level franchise contact lists to in-depth franchisee profiles we enable our clients to reach single/multi-unit franchisees from every brand in franchising. Whether existing franchisees are the best prospects for selling your units, or you are a supplier with hopes of entering the franchise market and receiving the most return on your investment, we can help you can find single-unit and multi-unit contacts from any brand, in any industry, and in any state of the US. When a franchise contact list is not enough our franchise playbooks are for you.

Strategic Decision Making:
Empower businesses to make strategic decisions with a clear understanding of the competitive landscape and market dynamics.
Risk Management:
Aids in assessing potential risks and opportunities within the franchise market.
Investment Insight:
Provides crucial data for investors and lenders to evaluate franchise viability and performance.


US Franchise Ownership (Franchisees)

We are a definitive resource for understanding and navigating the complexities of the US franchise market. We tailor our information to meet the needs of a diverse range of stakeholders in the franchise community or those who are targeting franchised businesses. We offer direct access to two main players in franchising – multi-unit franchisees and franchisors.


Multi-Unit Mult- Brand Franchisees

FRANdata Multi-Unit Franchisee database provides detailed profiles of multi-unit franchisees, offering insights into their brand portfolios, geographic reach, and ownership structure. Investors can pinpoint investment opportunities or leverage the to make informed market entry decisions. Comprehensive Profiles provide information on multi-unit franchisees, their brand affiliations, unit counts, geographic presence, and performance metrics. More than 42,000 multi-unit owners representing close to 240,000 units/locations in the United States.


Key Features:

Franchisee Company Name
Total Number of units, brands, locations
Executive contacts and contact details (phone, email, LinkedIn when available)
Company details like phone numbers, emails, LinkedIn and Facebook


Hand Pick Your Best Prospects

US Franchise Ownership (Franchisors) System

Gain unparalleled insights into the entire US franchise landscape with a comprehensive data suite covering every franchise system operating in the US. This product provides in-depth business metrics of corporate franchisors and detailed industry trends and market intelligence. This dataset offers valuable information to strategize and make informed decisions.

Key Features:

Includes every US franchise brand, with detailed information on franchise brand names, corporate ownership, and business history.
Financial Information and Metrics: Access franchised average unit revenue and P&Ls, historic growth metrics, turnover rates, and unit continuity.
Executive contacts and contact details (phone, email, LinkedIn when available)
Executive Contacts: Direct contact details for executive management of US franchisors.
Collection Methodology: A robust compilation from multiple data partners with a history stretching back to 1990.

Hand Pick Your Best Prospects

Franchise Multi-Metrics API Feed

The Franchise Multi-Metric API is a robust data set designed to provide comprehensive insights into the performance and operations of all franchise brands in the United States. This API offers a diverse range of key metrics, including average unit revenue, system size by geography, key executive information, initial investment and more. It enables users to append or verify current data with the most validated franchise information in the industry. This API empowers businesses to optimize resource allocation, refine marketing strategies, and make informed decisions for growth and operational efficiency.

FRANdata was thorough in the information they provided to us. The level of detail and insight into these various brands will be so helpful in our calls with them. I also appreciated FRANdata’s insight into the personalities of those at the brands we’d be working with to give us a leg up on what to focus on. The FRANdata team is so knowledgeable, passionate, caring, and engaged in what they are doing. As we grow our industry vertical business model, I look forward to being able to work together again in the future.

Susan Lamping

Susan Lamping
Vice President of Sales | CDC Small Business Finance, Momentus Capital

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