As you know, the franchise industry is not really an industry. It is a regulated way of doing business and is found in 30 primary industry sectors and more than 200 sub-sectors, each with its own issues and challenges. FRANdata has the world’s largest library of current and historical UFOCs but that’s just the start of how we can be of assistance to you – we turn UFOCs and other source data into helpful, usable information.

FRANdata takes each UFOC and inputs hundreds of data points into our master database. We then add data from other sources. The result is the ability to turn data into information that can address your legal and business questions.

The differentiating strength that makes us the leading franchise information provider is the ability to look at specific issues to generate reports and analysis across franchise systems in a particular sector or across all sectors. Questions that weren’t practical to answer previously due to the time and effort involved are now a commonplace for us.

It is most helpful to think of our products as examples of what we can produce rather than as inflexible reports.

Corporate Franchise Attorneys

How do you demonstrate breadth of knowledge about your client’s business as well as general legal issues? How do you put changing developments in perspective for your clients? How do you complete research around specific franchise issues? Consider FRANdata your marketing advisor and research arm.

In-House Counsels

As franchise systems move through natural life cycles, legal and operational issues change. What legal issues should you anticipate as your company changes? What systems have addressed issues you are confronting in creative ways? We can help you understand what other franchise systems are doing and how your company compares to other franchise systems, while keeping track of new legal development in various sectors, putting your system’s legal and operational issues in context, and supporting decisions with fact-based analysis.

Litigation Support

Having access to historical facts and figures around specific issues is a key challenge, but often a determining factor in litigation.  We provide research and analytical support around specific issues.

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