Multi-Unit Operators assume you’ve done your homework.
A Generic sales approach does not work.


As you look for new business opportunities, having the right insight can make all the difference.
The franchise market like knowing that they are understood, and their needs identified. We work with you to pinpoint your ideal targets and we take it from there.
Franchisee playbooks contain actionable insights to help you effectively sell to your specifically identified franchisee targets. Each playbook provides access to in-depth information on a franchisee and their operations that help drive effective sales and marketing.


Spend time selling your solution, not looking for information.

FRANdata has been called franchise investigators– pulling together hundreds of different pieces of information to create a full playbook on a franchisee. FRANdata’s franchise playbooks provide a deeper level of intelligence on franchisees than what is found in the usual sources like a franchise disclosure document.


FRANdata Provides Crucial Franchisee Linkages

Why FRANdata?

We are not a “big-data” farm, we are a market research company. We don’t deal with massive amounts of generic data. Every piece of information passes through a FRANdata analyst who is able to uncover nuances that software can’t detect. FRANdata understands the multitude of interconnections associated with franchise ownership and when you work with us so will you?