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Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDDs) are the basic source of information defined by federal regulation and provided to every prospective franchisee candidate at a certain point in the decision process.  They are evaluated by state business regulators and are used by lenders and other stakeholders in the franchise community.

While having a considerable amount of information about the franchisor and the franchise system, as well as terms and investment factors of the franchisee candidate offering, the regulations were designed by and are primarily written by attorneys. With the stated purpose of providing uniformity and standardization of information that a prospective franchisee is provided, FDDs are often misinterpreted and used in ways that their information was not intended for or does not support. For example, Item 20 (sections in the disclosure documents are called Items) is often used to assess franchisee success, despite no information contained in Item 20 being about franchisees.

Understanding both the proper ways to interpret the information in FDDs and the limitations of that information is an essential foundation to FRANdata’s research capabilities; being able to build from that foundation with many other sources of relevant information further distinguishes FRANdata’s array of products and services.  Over the past quarter century, FRANdata has amassed nearly 40,000 documents and has gained knowledge and built databases from them that are unsurpassed in the world.

Unlike other sites offering FDDs, we understand that the information provided in FDDs is varied and complex. With a variety of franchising programs, multiple corporate relationships including sub-franchisors and master franchisees, and multiple amendments that happen through the year, it can be impossible to find the FDD that you really need.

Simply said — our shopping site allows you to search by the exact criteria that you are looking for.  Narrow your search by

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