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We at @work are incredibly impressed with FRANdata’s service. Prior to getting Franchise Registry verified, our franchisees faced challenges in obtaining the necessary financing to launch their businesses. However, since becoming a Franchise Registry member, having the Franchise Eligibility Certification, and undergoing a Bank Credit Report, our franchisees have successfully secured the funds they require. Despite lenders categorizing our franchisee's financing needs as small dollar loans, with average @work startup costs at $200,000, this has not posed a barrier, as lenders now have comprehensive insight into our robust performance. FRANdata has revolutionized our approach, and we couldn't be more delighted with the outcomes.
Nick Wallace
Nick Wallace Vice President of Franchise Recruiting, AtWork Group | AtWork For You
Our engagement with FRANdata has had a major impact on our strategic and tactical plans. They really took the time to listen and hear what we needed. They have information that can’t be found anywhere else and provided us with actionable insights that improved our thinking.
Greg Flynn
Greg Flynn Founder, Chairman & CEO
In just one month using FRANdata’s services, we have 5 new leads that we wouldn’t have even known about them let alone had opportunities with them.
Paul Bosley
Paul Bosley Managing Member & Marisol Cruz, Business Lending Consultant Business Finance Depot
To the franchise community I wanted to give a shout out to the team at FRANdata. Darrell Johnson , Edith Wiseman , Paul Wilbur & crew are wonderful people to work with. There’s not a company around that can provide you better data & insights on the franchise industry. Our team has used their advisory services to better understand the issues & trends in franchising. We’ve signed 40 + franchise brands over last two years thanks in large part to them. Whether you’re a franchisor or supplier you should give them a look….And If you’re one of our competitors you should most definitely not use them
Matthew Gourgeot
Matthew Gourgeot Franchise Sales & Operations Director , Thryv
FRANdata has been a game changer for my team. The FRANdata team identified key target accounts for us that we were struggling to identify. In addition, they consistently provide us with quality leads and the turnaround time is great!
	 Cam Rednose
Cam Rednose Business Development Manager, HigherMe
We have made a lot of money off of FRANdata
Thomas Sumner
Thomas Sumner Energy Consultant - MSI Utilities
FRANdata is highly regarded by SBA at its highest levels as was highlighted in recent discussions among SBA, IFA and FRANdata. With the planned action to shut down the Franchise Directory, SBA is encouraging lenders to rely on FRANdata for analysis and insight. FRANdata has been an essential partner to Goddard School in franchise financing and we are proud of our 930 FUND Score and corresponding Bank Credit Report
Crystal Kheenan
Crystal Kheenan Goddard Schools
We have had a very good experience working with FRANdata ! The FRANdata team is a great resource and very knowledgeable in many facets of the Franchisee ecosystem. The development of our playbooks has been a very useful tool for our sales teams, and has helped us drive revenue in many accounts. We have also used the white paper that was developed to assist us in our thought leadership content and education efforts.
Roderick Mano
Roderick Mano Director Business Development and Marketing Deep Blue Communications, a Comcast Business Company
Our FRANdata Bank Credit Report and FUND Report provide trusted, independent reviews of Kiddie Academy which enhance Lender confidence and assure our Franchisees that they will receive favorable financing terms for their Academy
Kevin Shaffer
Kevin Shaffer Vice President of Finance | Kiddie Academy
FRANdata was thorough in the information they provided to us. The level of detail and insight into these various brands will be so helpful in our calls with them. I also appreciated FRANdata’s insight into the personalities of those at the brands we'd be working with to give us a leg up on what to focus on. The FRANdata team is so knowledgeable, passionate, caring, and engaged in what they are doing. As we grow our industry vertical business model, I look forward to being able to work together again in the future.
Susan Lamping
Susan Lamping Vice President of Sales | CDC Small Business Finance, Momentus Capital
The information provided by FRANdata has been extremely valuable in helping to reshape our new franchisee training. We have already started to implement changes based on the research provided to not only ensure we continue to offer our franchisees best-in-class training but also to enable them to be successful owners.
Darrell Jackson
Darrell Jackson Sr. Manager, Franchise L & D - TBC Corporation
In SBA arena, FRANdata is the guru for franchise underwriting.
David Green
David Green Director of SBA, American National Bank & Trust
Having spent 15-years financing franchises, I've seen how difficult it is to get deals through various credit departments. I have heavily relied on FRANdata services like the Franchise Registry, FUND report, and the Bank Credit Report to help me successfully finance my franchisee clients. In my current role at Primrose School, I still rely on FRANdata services, but now I leverage them to get banks comfortable with our brand to continue to lend the best terms to our franchisees.
Tye Massey
Tye Massey Vice President – Franchise Finance
Working with FRANdata as a Franchise Registry member IS incredibly valuable! Their team consistently educates us on changes in the franchise lending environment, what our FUND score means to banks, and the best ways to support our franchisees who need to access capital. FRANdata has Hot Head Burrito's best interest at heart!
Sarah Felix
Sarah Felix Director of Corporate Development, Hot Head Burritos
FRANdata offers such differentiated solutions-- they provided great information and perspective as we formulate our approach to investment opportunities. We were so impressed with their level of insider insight and experience. Thanks again for your help We enthusiastically recommend FRANdata and look forward to working with them more.
Eric Roth
Eric Roth Managing Partner, MidOcean Partners
FRANdata's research gives me powerful insights that demonstrate trends and leverage customized metrics that helps me drive our business
Brad Stevenson
Brad Stevenson CDO
This engagement has been great. FRANdata has been nice and easy to work with and we have been happy with the output on how the industry has been approaching key issues.
Lacey Robinson
Lacey Robinson VP of Finance, Coffee and Bagel Brands (Caribou Coffee)
Growing Massage Envy to 1,000 stores and beyond would not have happened without FRANdata.
Dave Crisalli
Dave Crisalli Former CEO of Massage Envy
"FRANdata is a highly respected source of franchise specific research and information. I have had the occasion to work with FRANdata on a couple of highly specialized data gathering and marketing projects and I have always found Frandata to be most amicable, accurate and a pleasure to work with."
Ren Waters
Ren Waters Massage Envy RD and President of PowerHouse Franchising
"The franchisee listings available for purchase from FRANdata are the pieces that complete our integrated recruitment strategies. They enable us to reach our ideal candidate in our target growth markets."
Julie Mitchell
Julie Mitchell Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Franchising Manage
"Our Franchise Registry membership provides us with constant support and education that is critical for any emerging franchise system. The FRANdata team is always readily available to answer our questions around franchisee financing, understanding our credit perception and best practices to remain relevant in a competitive financing environment."
Chris Mitchell
Chris Mitchell CFO, V’s Barbershop
"Home Instead Senior Care has a strategic plan for global expansion. The plan starts with market research and we have relied upon FRANdata to deliver extensive and relevant country analysis. Given their unique expertise around the franchise model, they have provided us with information that helps us ensure successful expansion. FRANdata under promises and over delivers."
Kathy Daniel
Kathy Daniel Director of International Business Development
"FRANdata is an important partner in our growth plans. Whether it’s supporting the needs of our franchise system or helping us evaluate and improve our competitive performance in the industry, FRANdata is uniquely capable of advising on strategic, operational, and capital access questions. I know they will remain an invaluable go-to resource for years to come."
Shelly Sun
Shelly Sun CEO, Brightstar Care
"While working with FRANdata, we found a team similarly dedicated to the goal of helping clients maximize opportunities through data. We evaluated the FUND score with its supporting attributes and discovered that by combining FRANdata’s brand-level risk information with Experian’s Financial Stability Rating, clients can get a more complete picture of severe delinquency or business failure risk for individual franchisees. This should be particularly useful to clients with portfolios that are rich with franchise customers."
Piew Datta
Piew Datta Director of Commercial Data Science, Experian
"This has been a productive engagement with FRANdata. Tide Dry Cleaners, and Procter and Gamble as a whole, are very data-driven businesses. FRANdata brought forward quality analysis and perspective in the Franchising and Dry Cleaning arenas. They were able to gather and analyze financial and operational information as well as provide us with helpful insights and metrics that enabled us to focus our strategy."
Jeff Wampler
Jeff Wampler CEO, Agile Pursuits Franchising (Tide Dry Cleaners)
"Our partnership with FRANdata has been instrumental in helping Capital One's Spark Business support franchises’ lending needs in a simple and seamless way. As access to capital continues to be top of mind for businesses across the country, we’ve been able to leverage FRANdata’s leadership and years of expertise to serve the unique and complicated needs of a franchise. As a result, we have been able to provide superior servicing and lending options for our franchise customers and offer tangible advice and resources to help them obtain access to capital when they need it most."
Brian K. Smith
Brian K. Smith Head of SBA Lending, Capital One
"As a lender, it's a huge relief to find a Bank Credit Report on the Franchise Registry for a brand we are considering working with, as it shows us the franchisor is very serious about supporting their franchisees when it comes to financing. The BCR helps us determine if a franchise meets our criteria and is a brand we want to do business with."
Mike Smith
Mike Smith SVP, Franchise Lending Group, Atlantic Capital Bank
"Our Franchise Registry membership gives me a peace of mind! FRANdata’s team is always available to talk with lenders that contact me with questions regarding financing for our franchisees. Their immediate support helps to ensure financing is not held up!"
Lisa Chiono
Lisa Chiono Senior Compliance Paralegal, CiCi Enterprises, LP
"The team at the Franchise Registry helped solve financing hurdles for our entire franchise system. They deliver results with great service!"
Mike Lohman
Mike Lohman Chairman and Director, Go Mini's Portable Storage & Moving
"FRANdata is my go to company for franchisee lists and info!  They are straight forward, helpful and genuinely concerned about my success! I have been pretty demanding and without question FRANdata has been patient and perceptive to my needs. I have been their customer for years because the information I get from FRANdata works!"
Brett Larrabee Toppers
Brett Larrabee Toppers Vice President of Global Franchise Development, Vice President of Global Franchise Development REGO Restaurant Group
"Can't thank FRANdata enough for your quick response this morning. You always make us look so good in front of our clients!"
David Oppenheim
David Oppenheim Shareholder, Greenberg Traurig
"FRANdata’s webinars are excellent and I really appreciate them. I use them for my own educational purposes, especially since I am usually the one dealing with the banks and their documentation – I know many lending institutions are challenged with all these changes and I can direct them to the folks at the Franchise Registry to do the educating for me (especially those unfamiliar with franchising)."
Debra Webb Ivy
Debra Webb Ivy Director Franchise Administration, Primrose Schools
"Without the timely intervention of the Franchise Registry, one of our clients would not have been able to close an SBA loan. Banks routinely rely on the Franchise Registry for trustworthy information and expertise. Many banks’ franchise underwriting process depends on the Franchise Registry for crucial elements in order to push through, for a brand to not have a current Franchise Registry membership could means needless delay or perhaps even denial of the loan."
Bill Graefe William R.
Bill Graefe William R. Graefe| FISHER ZUCKER LLC
"FRANdata's market research helped us understand our competition and served as a catalyst for fundamental change within our organization. FRANdata delivered a comprehensive amount of insights and analysis that provided us with serious comfort when it came to making strategic decisions while providing discipline to our core business and facilitated the adoption of technology. Working with FRANdata has profoundly impacted me in crystallizing the way we should be thinking about franchising."
Dzana Homan
Dzana Homan Former CEO School of Rock, COO Goddard Schools, CEO Huntington Learning Centers
"I recently took advantage of the Financing Consultation Call offered by FRANData.  It was a real eye opener - I had no idea what I didn’t know!  My advisor, pointed out many opportunities for my company to paint a more transparent, compelling snapshot of the financial soundness of our business opportunity.  It is clear to me with this one call that we are not telling our great story to the lenders out there.  The Financing Consultation is a no brainer and educated me on our FUND Score and how meaningful that score is to lenders.  I would encourage others to take advantage of it too!"
Kathleen McKay
Kathleen McKay Director of Franchise Development, Home Instead Senior Care
"FRANdata has been a tremendous resource for helping us build out our target marketing lists. Their research is comprehensive, and data is complete and accurate. Plus, everyone I deal with is pleasure to work with and extremely responsive with all of our last-minute requests."
Rebecca Brandeburg
Rebecca Brandeburg Marketing, Emerging Channels Intuit
"A FRANdata list I bought last year got us a candidate who recently closed a resale deal in a struggling major market.  That alone makes giving my business to them a “no-brainer."  I use FRANdata because they get me the exact information I need, allowing for laser focus in my marketing efforts."
Oliver Campbell
Oliver Campbell 1800Radiator
"Thanks again for your help with our project – the data provided yielded a 3x better response rate than we were originally anticipating.  It’s been a pleasure working with you!"
Brad Calkins
Brad Calkins Marketing Manager, YODLE
"Don’t hesitate to include an onsite visit by FRANdata with your Bank Credit Report. It is a valuable part of the process that allows the analyst the opportunity to connect with your people, culture and experience your brand. The ability to collect the information on one day was invaluable. Our analyst Anya quickly became part of the Taco John family."
Renee Swisher
Renee Swisher VP for Finance and Technology, Taco John's
"The financial consultation call with Darrell Johnson was extremely valuable. The insights into the lending community and my company were helpful and provided me with additional information that will aid me in future decisions. Well worth the time."
Jeremy Wallace
Jeremy Wallace Vice President of Franchise Development
"We at Casa Early Learning are extremely passionate about our brand and have successfully developed our early childhood education business over the past decade. We needed a partner to take our growth plans to the next level through the franchise business model. FRANdata worked with us to understand the fundamentals of our vision and business to identify an approach and expansion strategy that would fit our needs and goals. The expertise and access to key information that FRANdata brought to the table provided us with a comprehensive blueprint of how to grow our franchise concept – from a financial modeling showing us where and when to invest in key elements of our new franchise system, to geographical analysis targeting top opportunities for expansion. With FRANdata’s guidance we feel fully equipped to make informed decisions that will take our passion for early childhood intercultural and bilingual learning, and expand our efforts to the national level."
Natalie Standridge
Natalie Standridge Executive Director
“The Franchise Registry, combined with FRANdata’s support team, is a great service that includes a unique franchise system credit scoring model to augment our internal underwriting process. It provides analytics and credit risk information that is accessible and useful in developing and monitoring our underwriting framework, as well as industry details that are helpful in our discussions with regulators.”
John Coffin
John Coffin Executive Vice President
"Your lists are accurate and genuine. This being the first time doing business with you, we really didn’t know what to expect- most list companies aren’t worth the paper they are written on but FRANdata is the exception."
Sam Lewis
Sam Lewis Customer Development Director
“I use the Franchise Registry almost every day. It is my go-to source for all franchise lending.”
Charles Yorke
Charles Yorke Franchise Lender
"During our most recent FDIC examination, the examiners noted that we had built up a concentration in preschool franchises within our SBA portfolio. When a concentration exists within the portfolio, the regulators want to insure that the Bank is taking extra steps to not only identify and report the concentration, but to inform itself and the Board on the risks associated with the industry in general and the franchises in particular. We have made loans to Goddard, Kiddie Academy and The Learning Experience that make up the bulk of that concentration. The FDIC examiners were impressed that we had purchased the Fund Reports for those franchises. Further, the examination report stated that the Fund Reports were evidence that the Bank was properly monitoring the risks within that portfolio concentration."
Wesley Gash
Wesley Gash SVP, Director of SBA Lending
"FRANdata puts into perspective the universe of franchising. Franchising touches almost every industry and having specific insight and guidance into the inner workings of this dynamic vertical segment helped us validate and develop new franchise strategies that we would not be able to do on our own. Their expertise, reputation, and decade's worth of franchise information provided us the analysis and guidance necessary to determine how to strategically position Google in the franchise marketplace."
Cece Choi
Cece Choi Strategic Partner Manager, Channel Sales
"We prefer brands with Bank Credit reports. Being able to show a Franchise Brand's performance and financial strength does bring weight to the deal. Having a BCR simply makes it easier for a lender to do business with a brand and helps us prove portfolio strength in the long run."
Pamela K. Scott
Pamela K. Scott EVP, SBA Program Manager
"Primrose views the Bank Credit Report as part and parcel of our overall franchise finance program. The BCR enables us to provide lenders with a due diligence tool which satisfies in very transparent and clear terms a lender's underwriting needs for a franchise brand. It also helps that having an in-depth analysis done is commonly an indicator that our brand is serious about providing support not only to lenders but also to our franchisees."
John Teat
John Teat Vice President, Franchise Finance
"The Bank Credit Report (BCR) has facilitated numerous loans to our franchisees and secured new banking relationships to benefit the entire Papa Murphy's system. Because the BCR is produced by a third party, objective source, lenders rely on it. Thankfully for us, it communicates all the progress we made as a company and among our franchise units, while placing us head to head with our peers. The BCR has answers to all the questions that a lender wants to ask when assessing the credit risk of the Papa Murphy's system- all in one report, saving valuable time for all involved."
Jayson Tipp
Jayson Tipp Former Chief Development Officer
"A BCR gives the lender a consistent, quality, and relevant perspective on a franchisor. Armed with good information, we are able to satisfactorily evaluate the franchisor. The loan process is faster and smoother when we have a current, positive Bank Credit Report"
Brian Burke
Brian Burke National SBA Lending Director
“FRANdata delivers results. With the Bank Credit Report we have seen value even early in the process and are very happy with the outcomes. Having the Bank Credit Report has opened the flood gates with banks who are now actively seeking us out.”
Brent Jaynes
Brent Jaynes Director, Dealer Development
“Over my 20 years in franchising, no matter who I work with, I’ve always enjoyed working with FRANdata. Every team member is so responsive and keen to help us achieve results. I only use FRANdata lists.”
Larry Sidoti
Larry Sidoti Chief Development Officer
“We really appreciate the FRANdata team’s help and quick turnaround on the report, which we think helped bring this matter to a close. The opposing counsel really didn’t have any response to the FRANdata report, which destroyed the entire theory of their case.”
Adrian K. Felix
Adrian K. Felix Attorney
“FRANdata helped me and WSFS tremendously. Fantastic advice and amazing service is what I always receive from your team. When I think of success, a friend wrote, “Success comes through the experience we create for others.” For me, that is FRANdata. I cannot thank you enough.”
Larry Frank
Larry Frank Vice President, SBA Lending
Franchise lending is different than small business lending, and we recognize that they need to be evaluated and monitored differently than the rest of our portfolio. By making the FUND Score an integral part of our growth & portfolio management strategy, we are able to finance small businesses more efficiently and with greater risk reduction than ever before—balancing our role as a strong supporter of franchise growth with that of being a responsible SBA lender.
Brian Zern
Brian Zern SVP Special Assets and Loan Servicing, Celtic Bank
The executive team and franchise development team refer to FRANdata's research every 2 weeks. It's my most favorite excel and presentation deck
Tom Monaghan
Tom Monaghan CDO, CertaPro Painters