Finding the Best Franchisees to Grow Your Brand

Franchisee Recruitment

Franchisees are notoriously difficult to find, correctly identify, and associate all their businesses under common ownership.  There are many reasons for these problems and FRANdata has dedicated decades unraveling and maintaining insights and information on franchisees that help inform our client’s development efforts.

  • 240,000+ Franchisees, more than 190,000 single unit operators and more than 43,000 multi-unit franchisees
  • Representing more than 420,000 units across the United States
  • Complemented by the most extensively verified consumer database in the United States, FRANdata is able to cross match our data with profiles of more than 150 million adult Americans

FRANdata has the largest database of franchise information in the world. Based on a constantly updated and maintained set of verified franchise lists, appended with information from a top database aggregator in the nation and continuously supplemented and updated with FRANdata’s expertise in the market.

Targeting  Qualified Prospects

If you are tired of the slew of unqualified tire-kickers who come in from websites or expos, there is a solution that filters out the true prospects from the “window shoppers.”  Reach out to only those individuals who you know are good prospects for your system – using demographic, personal interest and buying habit data, you can build a profile of a good candidate worthy of you or your team’s time and effort.  The final step is applying that criteria to our database of 150 million US adults to find every person who meets the criteria in your target territory.

Is your best candidate between 30-50 years old, with a college degree, has a net worth of >$500,00, and owns their own home? Maybe they need to be interested in cooking? Or own a pet? Or are into fitness? No matter what makes up the criteria for a good prospect, we can find them – and in the area of your next territory. Better yet, we camap-and-arean help you find large clusters of potential candidates who meet your criteria,so you can determine where you should focus your future growth strategy.

After determining the criteria and the area, we can provide you with names, home addresses, cell and home phone numbers, and most importantly, email addresses of your ideal prospects; it’s a true end-to-end target marketing solution tailored for businesses in franchising.

The right franchisees can mean the difference between success and failure in a franchisee recruitment program- even for an established, thriving brand. Indisputably, possessing a targeted contact list expedites the process of reaching franchise system development goals. Franchise systems include hundreds- sometimes thousands- of individual small business owners, and we know that this untapped network is the key to maximizing franchise sales while minimizing effort.

We understand that franchisees are a primary building block for a franchise brand and that good ones can be hard to find. For the past 25 years, FRANdata has been, and continues to build, the most comprehensive database for franchise information in the industry.  Our database contains thousands of contacts for franchisees of every brand in the U.S.  Contact lists are supplied directly by the franchisors, meaning FRANdata is able to provide the most accurate and complete contact information available to our clients.

ALSO AVAILABLE: As an add-on service, FRANdata will send emails to your chosen contacts on your behalf -simply select your audience, provide us with your email content and leave the rest to us.  Fill out the contact form below to request a quote.

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