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Many clients come to us with big questions to answer. They ask how to get bigger, or better, or faster. FRANdata has decades of experience leveraging its peerless industry knowledge and proprietary data to drive its client’s business forward, but what sets it apart is its passion for solving problems.

With our quantitative and qualitative research and analytic expertise, combined with the largest database of franchisors, franchise executives, franchisees, lenders, and suppliers, FRANdata is fully equipped to design targeted surveys for our clients, conduct interviews, and deliver the feedback along with our professional guidance for the specific circumstances. We utilize constructive criticism to help design and implement modifications- some big, some small- to improve performance by leaps and bounds.

FRANdata consultants work with clients to build alignment on goals and desired outcomes, and construct a roadmap to achieving them. The franchising business model cuts across many industries, and many more work within it. FRANdata has clients at all points of the franchising network: many leading franchisors, the banking and finance community and real estate. We also advise many firms who interact with franchising, such as major technology firms, legal firms, retail, marketing, government and academia. The diversity of our client base is part of our strength, and helps us provide unique insights.




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