IFA/FRANdata Franchise Inflation Study

The International Franchise Association (IFA) and FRANdata released the first annual survey on the impacts of inflationary pressures on franchised businesses. The survey, conducted by FRANdata, revealed that inflation is having a moderate to significant impact on 90 percent of franchised businesses, but being part of a franchise system has helped these businesses navigate rising prices. The report shows that the lodging sector, quick-service restaurants, and child-related services are the most impacted by inflation.

Like most businesses, the franchise ecosystem has experienced a negative impact of inflation lately. Approximately 90% of franchisees witnessed a moderate to substantial inflation impact on their business. Some industries, such as lodging, QSR*, and child-related, feel a more significant effect than others. Being in a franchise system has helped franchisees by sharing best practices with other franchisees, customer marketing, and resolving supply chain disruptions. Some brands have helped their franchisees in employee recruitment. Download the report to find out more.


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