Understanding Why Your Franchisee Prospects Did Not Buy

From FLAT to Growth: your Pipeline is Trying to Speak to you

Many franchisors are experiencing flat sales. In an environment where it is taking longer to convert existing leads into legitimate opportunities, every qualified prospect matters. An accurate understanding of why leads are not converting will improve your pipeline and closure rate.


Understand the world through the eyes of your prospects:

  • How does your franchise compare against other opportunities prospects are evaluating
  • Understand which of the qualified leads should have become your franchisees versus lost opportunities
  • Identify and validate the value propositions that help convert qualified prospects into franchisees

Improve your win rate with your existing base of qualified leads:

  • Optimize the sales process based on insight from qualified franchisees that didn’t buy
  • Save money on finding more leads
  • Shorten your timeline to royalties
  • Improve your competitive position in the market
  • Provide Executive Management tangible reasons why growth wasn’t achieved
  • Strategic direction to change future outcomes to increase sales and profitability


Experiencing prolonged flat sales? Understand why qualified franchisees aren’t buying and why they may have pursued another brand. FRANdata can help!

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