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Financial Analysis

Numbers don’t scare us, vasts amounts of data drives us-  financial and performance analysis is at the core of everything we do — at the end of the day we understand that bottom line strategy is only reactionary planning without a core basis of performance indicators and historical awareness.

Sample Analysis of Average Monthly Unit Revenue

Sample Analysis of Average Monthly Unit Revenue

The franchise business model presents a challenge to analysts who are not already familiar with it: the complexity of corporate structures, unique revenue streams, and variation of many kinds can be totally new. It may be a cliché, but FRANdata’s real strength is its people, and financial analysis is one of their core competencies. Many of our researchers and consultants are members of the CFA who collectively have decades of experience advising clients on the most complex financial aspects of their businesses. These core quantitative skills are a critical component of many client projects, and a differentiator from other research firms. We speak the language of bankers, lenders, and the finance industry generally – indeed, we work with them often. But we can also help clients in franchising – or who want to market to franchising –build the most stable and profitable business possible.

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