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New Concept Report 2021 Volume 4

January 7th, 2022 by TJ Wagman

More than 80 new brands are in FRANdata’s latest New Concept Report. An interesting addition is Le Village a hybrid of coworking and childcare (always interesting to see two trends merge). Our analysts are forecasting growth in franchising for 2022 matching that of the US economy as a whole. Of particular interest is the anticipated movement of consumer consumption from products to services. This trend is reflected in the number of new service brands cropping up in this edition of the new concept report. From food delivery and commercial cleaning, to home healthcare and restoration, franchising is gearing up for this surge in need.

  • The Frontdoor Collective is set to be a network of franchised delivery service partners that will help businesses manage the growing demand for micro last-mile delivery services.
  • Ultra Pool Care Squad a pool maintenance franchise goes into franchising with an exceptionally strong executive team from Capriotti’s, Leisure Pools, Authority Brands, and Doc Popcorn to name a few.
  • Le Village is co-working meets childcare with this concept from Chicago. They cater to the “do it your way” lifestyle and provide a possible alternative to traditional daycare.
  • Stalk and Spade is a 100% plant-based, dairy-free restaurant concept with a strong executive team with experience from Self Esteem Brands, and Rave Restaurant Group (parent company of Pie Five Pizza, Pizza Inn, and Pizza Inn Express).
  • Another IV Nutrition company joins the ranks. Serotonin is an anti-aging center founded by Eric Casburi who was also the founder of Retrofitness.

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